Oncofix.com is a dedicated online platform designed to provide comprehensive support and services for both oncologists and cancer patients, with a primary focus on optimizing cancer management and offering valuable second opinions on all aspects of cancer care.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Management: Oncologists can efficiently and securely manage their patients' medical records, ensuring easy access to essential patient data.

Decision Support System: The platform offers an advanced decision support system with automated staging and chemotherapy protocol assistance. This empowers oncologists to make well-informed treatment decisions aligned with the latest medical guidelines and tailored to each patient's unique needs.

Oncofix.com's overarching mission is to deliver accessible and convenient online healthcare services tailored specifically to the needs of cancer patients and oncologists. By becoming part of this platform, individuals can engage with a supportive community, seek answers to their questions, and connect with healthcare professionals who specialize in cancer care. Whether it's streamlining medical record management for oncologists or empowering cancer patients with the tools and information they need, Oncofix.com strives to be a valuable resource throughout the cancer journey. Join now to access these vital services and support.

Customizable EMR Templates

Along with being able to access EMR systems from anywhere, you should also be able to share information between physicians.

Provider-to-provider Communications

We provide the a wide range of medical services, so every person could have the opportunity.


This helps make sure you’re always prescribing safely. A great additional feature to this is when an interaction or potential harmful effect is detected then an alternative solution is suggested.

Available Features in EMR

Better Planning, Better Risk Management


Decision support system


Tumour board meeting enabled


Threat and vulnerability analysis


Compliance management


Vendor/third-party risk management


Modeling and forecasting


IT governance and security


Incident management


Audit management


Financial reporting


Policy management



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