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It’s an online platform that provides an end to end holistic and seamless solution for the treatment, rehabilitation, and bounce back plan for the cancer patient. This platform provides an overall toolkit to the patients, doctor, Value added partners to ensure the overall well-being of the patient – physically , mentally ,socially and financially .

Oncofix is an endeavour to provide an online platform to oncologist and cancer patients for complete cancer management as well as second opinion on all aspects of cancer.

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We hire the best specialists to deliver top-notch diagnostic services for you.

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We provide the a wide range of medical services, so every person could have the opportunity.

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We use the first-class medical equipment for timely diagnostics of various diseases.


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Mrs. Dutta Chatterjee is a middle aged woman and a life coach by profession. She has been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer with chronic hepatitis and I.T.P., a rare blood disease. Her battle started since her 9 years of age. She narrated how proactively she dealt with the storm in every...

~Kritee Dutta Chatterjee, Life Coach
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